Name Game Workout

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Author: Holly J Coley

Wake up your muscles by trying this new way to strength train. It’s called The Name Game workout and as the name suggests, it’s built around performing exercises based on the spelling of your name.

I discovered this workout while passing by a boot camp at my gym.  Not only did it seem a clever way to keep exercise engaging but easy. Easy as in the most equipment you may need is a bench or a wall. The rest is hard. But hard is good. It’s challenging and a way to make bodyweight training fun.

If you’re not familiar with any of the exercises listed, we’ve included links below the graph where you can see demos. If your name is short (less than four letters) include your middle name. If you’re feeling extra beasty, do the workout based off your full name.




A- 15 crunches 

B- 10 squats

C- 1 minute plank   

D- 15 donkey kicks

E- 10 push-ups    

F- 20 bicycle crunches

G- 1 minute walking lunges

H- 15 wide sumo squats

I- 10 spiderman pushups

J- 10 single leg bridge 

K- 20 jumping jacks

L- 25 lying leg raises

M- 15 jump squats

N- 12 burpees 

O- 1 minute skaters

P- 20 scissor kicks

Q- 10 Tricep Press Dip

R- 10 walking push-ups

S- 1 feet elevated push-ups

T- 10 single leg squats  

U- 25 outer thigh leg lifts

V- 25 inner thigh leg lifts

W- Run in place for 1 minute

X- 20 calf raises 

Y- 15 Russian Twist

Z- 30 second high knees

Now play the Name Game and tell us how it goes. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook or Instagram.





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