The Top 10 Toughest Women From Horror Flicks

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Women notoriously get the raw end of the deal in horror films. Along with often having to run through the woods in various states of undress, they’re usually left to handle unspeakable tortures until the leading man comes to save them. Fortunately, some Hollywood directors know that girls can save the day too. Here are some of the strongest heroins from your favorite scary flicks, just in time for Halloween. FYI: There will be spoilers.




1.Agent Clarice Starling from The Silence of The Lambs

It seemed that only cannibal mad genius Hannibal Lecter knew how tough Agent Clarice Starling was. Smart and ambitious, she was often used and overlooked by her male superiors at the FBI. Of course, this never stopped her from doing most of investigating solo (remember how she peeped out the creepy garage with the severe head?) or squaring off against Buffalo Bill. In the end, she caught the bad guy and earned the admiration of an even badder one.



2.Erin Hardesty from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You may be a fan of the terrifying original but we feel the 2003 remake with Jessica Biel deserves some accolades.  Biel showed off an enviable physique which was put through serious use as she ran through the woods, hopped over fences and fought (often to no avail) to save her friends from the chainsaw yielding Leatherface. She eventually escapes the sinister Hewitt clan but not before exacting a little revenge on Leatherface brother, Charlie/Sheriff Hoyt.



3. Sidney Prescott from Scream
Scream made horror films fun again and there was nothing more fun than listening to main character Sidney Prescott’s quick jibs and one liners. Through sequel after sequel she was terrorized but she always proved a force to be reckoned with. Plus, she managed to keep her sense of humor.



4. Lisa Carol Fremont from Rear Window

Socialite Lisa may seem too proper to do much of anything but the joke is on us. This lady proved a serious asset to her wheelchair bound photojournalist boyfriend. Grace Kelly effortless played this Hitchcock damsel, who risked her life to snoop out the wife murdering neighbor. If it wasn’t for her physical investigating the moving would have basically been Jimmy Steward spying out a window.




5. Juno from The Decent


Now hear us out. We get the character Sarah is suppose to be the hero of this 2005 but we’re Team Juno. Yes, it was messed up that she slept with Sarah’s husband before he died and that she purposely lead her climbing crew to an uncharted cave. But seriously, this woman deserves some respect. Most of the first film she fights single-highhandedly against the blind humanoid monsters, using her bare hands and climbing gear as weapons. More importantly, she wins! Even when Sarah leaves her to be torn apart by the “Crawlers” we learn in The Descent 2 that she survives.




6. Wendy Torrence from The Shining


Steven King hated Shelly Duvall’s performance of Wendy Torrence, citing that she was too weepy to portray the character he had written to be strong as her hubby.  But we don’t blame Duvall for all the tears. We would cry too if our husband was going mad and our son talked to a little boy in his mouth named Tony. We admire Wendy’s guts for trying to leave Jack behind while she took her child to safety. And even though he ruined her plans, she still managed to get away (with the help of a bat and a very long kitchen knife). She seemed pretty strong to us.


7. Laurie Strode from Halloween

Laurie Strode was made fun of by her friends for being a nerd but if a nerd can think quick on the feet when a masked villain is attacking, we want to be nerds too.  We got to see her fast thinking when she was able to unwind a wire hanger and use it as a poker to jab Michael Myer’s eye. She survived to come back for many more sequels. Her friends can’t say the same.



8. Rose De Silva from Silent Hill

This underrated horror film featured a ghost town that was, shall we say, ghostly? Main character Rose fights off some nightmare inducing characters like shard yielding nurses and a giant executioner while she searches for her lost daughter. Terrifying as that may seem, nothing was quite as bad as when she fights against a cult who is stuck in a purgatory for the murder of a young girl. We’d like to think all mothers would go to hell and back to save their kids like she does.



9. Ellen Ripley from Alien

Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) is often called the Scream Queen but we’d like to put Sigourney Weaver up for nomination. In her role of Ellen Ripley she led the show as she and her crew worked to survive the scariest E.T.’s we’ve ever seen. One of the most gritty and realistic female protagonist, she eventually sacrifices herself (in a sequel) when she realizes she’s harboring the Queen Alien’s egg inside her.



10.Beth from Hostel II

Say what you want about torture-porn making horror film director, Eli Roth. His follow up to the hit Hostel is all about #girlpower. Character Beth is more than meets the eye. Along with being humbly wealthy and gay (two characteristics rarely seen in this genre), the brunette proves herself to be rather street savvy and smart which helps her escape her killer and the Hunter Club. Once she does, instead of hauling butt out of there she stays behind to…grind an axe with her love interest who sold her to the bad guys.


What do you think of our list? Who makes yours? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.



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