Detox Green Juice

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Author: Holly J Coley

We all have times when we need to detox from something. Social media, toxic people, a crappy diet.

Some nutrition experts say that we don’t need to detox because our liver does that for us regularly. However, I strongly disagree. Yes, our bodies are built to function at optimal capacity but if we fuel it poorly or mistreat it, we hinder its ability to cleanse itself.


I try to eat healthy every day. I follow a plant based diet, heavy on fruits and vegetables. I also like a few things that are not plant based or healthy. I die for condiments. Oh, and chocolate. I like chocolate a lot and not just the antioxidant rich dark chocolate kind. Whenever I’m feeling like my system is a little sluggish (not pooping well, feeling tired or random bouts of acne), I take it as a signal that I’m not flushing out all the waste in my body. To encourage this while giving myself a burst of nutrients I make my detox green juice.

One reason some hate juice detoxes is because the juicing process tends to strip the fiber from vegetables and fruits. For that reason (and also convenience) I use a blender. This way I get all the vitamins and minerals, plus the fiber.

Another reason detoxes get a bad wrap is because some require you to cut out solid food for a period of time. I’m not going to suggest you do that. What I do suggest is supplement this juice for breakfast when you’re feeling crappy and blocked. Starting the day with something wholesome helps set the tone to make sounder food choices. It’s low in calories (roughly 150), so it’s also a good in between meal snack. I’ll level with you, it doesn’t taste great. Like, at all. But this isn’t about taste. It’s about health. The drink has lots of calcium and antioxidants (thank you, Kale), as well as immune boosting Vitamin C from the lemon. Ginger is good for digestion and cilantro has been shown to help with blood pressure.




1 handful of cilantro w/stems + 2 ½ cups of rainbow kale + 1 cup of mixed greens + 1 banana + juice of 1 lemon + 1 Tbsp zest of ginger + 1 cup of distilled water + 1 cup of sparkling water


Place ingredients into a blender and puree until smooth.

More Tips

Make sure to use distilled water for this recipe and not spring. As a rule of thumb, spring is the type of water you want to drink regularly. But distilled water is great if your trying to pull out waste and toxins. That stuff gets everything. It’s actually for that reason that you shouldn’t drink it every day. It can pull out minerals you need which can lead to bigger problems than feeling run down or backed up. I only use it for this recipe and another drink I like to use to treat my arthritis.

To really have positive results from this juice, do yourself a favor by eating whole foods for the rest of the day. Preferably plant based, even if you’re not a veggie.  You can eat plant based forms of protein, like tofu or beans but try avoiding things with preservatives and chemicals. Taking time to exercise too can help. Sweating it out for thirty minutes to an hour helps with circulation, brings oxygen into your system and can elevate stress. Plus you have that amazing endorphin rush to look forward to.

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