LISS Cardio, What You Need to Know

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You’ve heard of HIIT but what about LISS?

LISS is an acronym for “low intensity sustained state” and it’s a form of fitness training that, as the name suggest, focuses more on endurance and less on torpedoing through a workout. Also referred to as steady state cardio, it’s been around for years but is regaining popularity in fitness circles as people look for alternatives to more strenuous workouts like heart pumping CrossFit.

Don’t get us wrong, LISS will get your heart rate up. It will just take awhile longer. Unlike a HIIT workout which can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes, LISS requires at least 30 minutes (some experts recommend 45 minutes).  The reason for this sustained state is because after twenty minutes the body starts dipping into fat storages for fuel. If you’re looking to slim down and lose pounds, LISS could be the way to go. Examples of these workouts are bike riding, swimming laps, jogging, row machines, and elliptical training.

There are other reasons why LISS cardio should be considered. Because it’s low impact it’s easy on joints, making injury less likely. It also compliments workout routines where you alternate between strength training or high intensity activities.

What are your favorite LISS workouts? Let us know in the comments.

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