Active Things to Do In Hudson Valley

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Summer is in full effect and there’s lots to do in the Hudson Valley that will allow you to soak up the sun, work up a sweat, and see the sights. Instead of staying in and Netflixing it, consider doing one of these fitivities.


Kayak Between Beacon and Cold Spring

Photo Credit: Pexel

Photo Credit: Pexel

You don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy the open waters. The Hudson River is an ideal place to earn your sea legs and we can’t think of a better place to explore it via kayak than between Beacon and Cold Spring. Both river towns (technically, Beacon is a city) are bustling with action. From farm to table restaurants to boutiques, you’ll want to  give yourself extra time to explore both places between your sail.  Both areas have docs for you to launch from, as well as places to rent or find kayak guides if you’re not familiar with the route. We recommend Hudson River Expeditions in Cold Spring, if you’re starting your journey there and  Mountain Top Outfitters if your leaving by way of Beacon.


Tube in Phoenicia

For all you thrill seekers, there’s nothing quite like tubing. If you think there’s no waves to ride in these parts, you’re mistaken. The Esopus river boast class II whitewater which means waves up to three feet plus rapids. This is not an activity for the newbie swimmer but if you’ve done your time at the Y and have the muscle to move around the natural obstacles of rocks and trees, visit Town Tinker Tube for rentals. The Phoenicia based company will take you to the drop off point and get you in two hours (the estimated time to finish the course).


Explore the Caverns

Photo Credit: Pexel

Photo Credit: Pexel

Go below the surface and visit Howe Caverns in Howe Cave, NY.  There are a number of affordable tours to choose from and each begin with 156 foot decent into the bowels of the earth. If you find yourself needing some sun, check out Howe High Adventure where you can zip-line, walk wall climb, and even experience H2O Go Balls. There are places to stay, so if you fear you can’t experience the fun in just one day, consider staying for two.

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Cool Off in Ice Caves

As far we’re concerned, not enough people know about Sam’s Point Preserve, the highest point in Shawangunk Ridge. If climbing steep mountains is not your thing, you’ll love the stretches of flat terrain that this local has to offer, as well as the bodies of water and Instagram worthy mountain views. The ice caves are our personal favorite part of the preserve which lead to Verkeerderkill Falls. Exploring the narrow natural hallways made of ice (with railing, of course) is a great way to cool off. Think of it as Mother Nature’s AC.


Hike Bear Mountain

Photo Credit: Pexel

Photo Credit: Pexel

Where can you find an outdoor pool, a carousel , a zoo, plus ample hiking? Bear Mountain, of course! Located at Palisades Parkway on Route 9W North, you’ll love the view mountains that surround the West Bank part of the river. Whether you feel like climbing to the top where you can find The Perkins Memorial Tower or just prefer to hang out on one of the lawns and have a picnic, it’s the perfect place to spend a not totally lazy summer Sunday.

Where is your favorite place to explore in the Hudson Valley? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page and Instagram.

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