Now You Know: Dry Brushing

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If you’ve walked into a holistic spa or even the beauty section of a drug store, you’ve probably seen a dry brush. If you’re still not familiar, a dry brush looks like this (see photo above) and is used to brush the body.

The idea behind the practice is to remove dead skin cells by way of exfoliation while also promoting a natural detox by stimulating the lymphatic system.  There hasn’t been much science to back up its benefits but some dermatologist say its similar to massage. Naturalist have long touted that the habit can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as the brushing promotes circulation.


Pick a brush with a long handle. This will make reaching places like your back easier.  There are many types on the market but we recommend going for a brush that has long natural bristles instead of synthetic.


Before you shower, gently but firmly brush your skin using circular motions or vertical strokes, starting from your feet and moving up the body. Always brush upward, never down. Experts believe this promotes drainage of the lymph nodes and encourages better blood flow to your heart.

For sensitive areas, like the breast and face, you can opt for a smaller brush with softer bristles or just brush more gently.If you have eczema or a skin condition, do not dry brush or you may experience irritation. It’s recommend to do this practice 2-3 times a week, for five minutes or so.

Once brushing is complete, rinse off to ensure dead skin cells are fully removed.  If you want to get fancy, apply a nourishing carrier oil like shea or coconut that promotes skin repair.





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