Fitness Festivals To Know

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Author: Jackie Thomas

If I invited you to a festival you probably wouldn’t expect a soul-fulfilling, community enriching, recharging workout (unless you count mosh pits and crowd surfing as relaxing and replenishing). But lucky for us, fitness gurus are changing the game with fit festivals. These gatherings like Wanderlust, Telluride Yoga Festival, and Vermont Mountain Bike Festival offer a space for individuals to get a great workout, learn some new health tricks and interact with the fit community.

After squandering Google, I found festivals that specialized in yoga, meditation, running, swimming and biking — there’s literally a festival for everyone. According to the American College of Sport Medicine, group exercises boost accountability, helps beginners get their foot in the door and serve as a social and fun environment. That means that yoga with a group of say 100 is way more beneficial than yoga in your living room!




You’ll want to get your running shoes and yoga mat ready for Wanderlust 108.   The nation-wide fitness-focused festival is coming to New York and Philadelphia this fall and frankly, I couldn’t be more excited. Fit festivals are a far cry from the booze-filled techno fests that are popular now-a-days, but they are definitely a welcome addition to festival niche. Whether you lace up for Philly or Brooklyn, this is a self-proclaimed “Mindful Triathlon”. That means you’ll walk/run/skip happily through a 5K, stretch it out with 75-minutes of yoga then finish off the day with tapping deep into your meditative vibes. Hi, sign us up!

If you’re headed to Colorado, grab tickets to The Telluride Yoga Festival. You’ll experience four days of yoga, hiking, music and meditation while enjoying the scenic Telluride mountains.

Making your way to Vermont? Bring your bike. The Vermont Mountain Bike Festival boast two days of music, demos, tons of food, and riding.


Along with an incredible workout, these festivals will take you to gorgeous nooks of the U.S. that you can explore and appreciate even when you’re not in a class. Think about it, you’ll get the perfect yoga pose Insta pic!


Tickets are sale NOW and going quick. Grab your best, fit friend, get registered and I’ll see you there!

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