Mighty Ingredient: Dates

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They’re chewy, sweet and as far as we’re concerned, don’t get enough love. We’re talking dates, people, and not the kind you find on Tinder.

Dates originate from the Middle East and are a wonderful substitute for sugar in baked good recipes and even smoothies. Unlike sugar, they’re wracked with nutritional benefits and can help curb sweet tooth cravings.  Here are just a few reasons why dates are so mighty.



Just two Medjool dates have 3 grams of fiber, a mix of soluble and insoluble. What does that mean for you? It means snacking on these amber beauties can keep you full, as well as regulate your digestion. If you’re worried about fibers effect on your tummy, fear not. The natural sugars in dates make them easy on the gut.


Potassium is important to your nervous system, maintaining normal blood pressure and can help prevent strokes. Many people get theirs from eating bananas but if you’re not a fan of the yellow fruit, dates are a great alternative (and they won’t stink up your brown bagged lunch). Just half a cup of deglet noor dates will give you 10 percent of your daily recommend serving. Not bad for something so small.


The B Vitamins play a big role in cell metabolism and it’s easy to be deficient if you don’t eat meat or avoid grains (both good sources of the micronutrients). Dates are high in B1, B2, B3, and B5. So if you’re veggie or on a no-carb kick, pick up some dates on your next trip to the supermarket.


Dates are a great source of iron, giving about 11 percent of the daily recommended amount per serving. If anemia is a concern for you, start munching on theses sugary dried fruit.


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