Spinoccoli Pizza: Psst, It’s Vegan & Gluten Free

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Author: Holly J Coley

I use to eat pizza at least once a week. The combo of warm bread, melted cheese and sauce was so effing good, it’s no surprise that the food is one of the most popular in America. When I became older (and more health conscious), I stopped enjoying it. All that bread, dairy and fat sort of curled my stomach-both figuratively and literally.

For a long time I looked for the perfect healthy pie to meet my needs and came up short. There are lots of gluten free pizzas out there but not many that are also vegan. So finally, I bit the bullet and made my own, inspired by the Spinoccoli pizza I use to order at UNOs. Lots of topping, perfect amount of cheese and a delicious, savory crust.


And you know what? It wasn’t that hard to make. In fact, making regular pizza is a lot more difficult because you have to do a lot of kneading and waiting for dough to rise. That’s not the case with this recipe. If you have an hour, you can make this and impress yourself and whomever has the fortune of stopping by right when you pop this sucker out of the oven.

This recipe uses Pillsbury Multipurpose Flour. It already has the traditional ingredients you usually have to add when baking gluten free, like guar gum or xantham gum. Don’t be a hero, making it easy on yourself is our motto at TMM. Also, if you don’t like these toppings, feel free to choose your own. The crust is a bit dense, similar to deep dish but it still has a nice crunch. Best of both worlds, I say.


doughdough1toppingsPizza before baked




2 cups of gluten free multi-purpose floor + 1 Tbsp of active yeast + 1 tsp of kosher salt + 1 tsp of sugar + 1 cup of warm water + 3 Tbsp of olive oil


Baby Spinach + Broccoli Florets + Fresh Basil + 1 Chopped Roma Tomato + Almond Cheese



Preheat oven at 450 degrees. Cook crust for 5-10 minutes before adding toppings. Cook for an additional 5-8 minutes.


baked 1 baked 3 baked

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