Four Benefits of Hiking

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Photo Credit: Michael Fertig | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Michael Fertig | Unsplash

The warm weather is here and it’s time to take our workouts outside. If you’re not a nature lover, hear us out. There are serious benefits to hitting the dusty trail. See our directory for places to go and check the four reasons why you should make hiking part of your life.


Boost Creative Juices

If you can’t figure out how to tackle your latest project, going outside can do wonders. According to one study, being in nature can increase your creative problem-solving skills by 50 percent. One of the potential reasons for this is that the brain may enter into a soft fascination mode from the gentle stimuli (think birds chirping or the sound of wind through the trees). People tend to be more reflective and inspired in this state. Next time you’re feeling mentally blocked, put on your hiking boots and explore the great outdoors for an hour.


Healing Powers

Antioxidants increase the immune systems ability to fight disease and there’s been some research that shows that hiking increases antioxidative capacity in oncological patients. If you want to check those out, click here and here.  Even if you’re not sick, hiking can relieve inflammation causing stress which has been known to weaken the body.

Helps Social Life

For safety purposes,  experts recommend hiking with a partner. If you struggle finding time to see friends during the week, schedule a hiking date with a bud. This way you can workout and catch up. You can also join a hiking group. Find one on sites like Meet Up which helps you connect to people with similar interests.

Boredom Busting Workout

If you hate the gym or bore easily, hiking might be for you.With all the different trails and natural distractions, there’s an element of excitement that say, a stationary bike doesn’t have. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle.

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