Protein Iced Latte

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Author: Holly J Coley


The world is filled with people who don’t like breakfast. I should know, I was one of them. From the time I was in high school till my mid-twenties I scowled at the idea of having anything other than coffee before noon. I wasn’t hungry before then and oddly, I felt that when I did eat breakfast I was hungrier throughout the day. I’m not the only person who has experienced this. If you google “breakfast makes me hungry” you’ll find 2,930,000 results; a mashup of things including studies trying to debunk the idea that breakfast is important and posts on forums from people writing that breakfast makes them eat more instead of less (contrary to what some experts claim).

I started eating breakfast for a few reasons. I found it improved my workouts by giving me the fuel to go longer and harder. If I have a healthy breakfast I feel compelled to make better food choices at other meals. It also keeps my blood sugar from dropping. Becoming a breakfast lover wasn’t easy. I don’t like being hungry but I don’t particularly care for the feeling of being full either. That’s how I got into smoothies and shakes for the a.m. They allow me to get enough nutrients and digest fast but (using the right ingredients) leave me satisfied.

The protein iced latte was my first invention; a recipe made to feed my desire to stick to my old routine of a soy latte but gave me the nutrition I was looking for. It’s the perfect compromise for the person who doesn’t do the whole avocado toast thing. It’s even a good pick me up in the afternoon. Here’s how to make one.



1 cup of brewed coffee + 1 cup of nut milk + 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder + 4-5 ice cubes + *optional: sweetener | additional supplements, like hemp, ground flax seed, ginseng, etc.



Add all ingredients into a blender and mix on frappe speed. Slowly pour into glass so foam slides out last, and then enjoy.




Now it’s your turn. Tell us, are you a breakfast person? Why or why not?



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