Throwback Thursday: Cindy Crawford Workout Video

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It’s Thursday and like the rest of the world we’re fiending for the weekend. We have work to do but we’d much rather surf YouTube for workout videos instead. And we don’t feel bad about it, because it’s Throwback Thursday and we’ve just come across the Cindy Crawford Workout video! Do you guys remember that one?

We like several things about this vid, the first being the use of the song Crazy by Seal and Ms. Crawford’s very early 90s workout gear.

Other than the fashion soundtrack, we’re actually feeling a lot of the moves in this workout.  It’s essentially a strength training video that emphasizes using own body weight. It’s great to do if you can’t get to the gym or just don’t like being in the weight room.


9:55 – Leg swings.

These things look corny as hell but we’ve tried them and they become hard after one set. Give it a go. Seriously, do them at your work desk and don’t stop till at least ten co-workers give you a wtf look.


23:51- Leg raises.

This old school workout burns the outer legs like nobody’s business. And what is that fun French sounding song playing in the background?


1:08- Side arm raises.

We love the use of light weights with no shame. Lifting heavy is cool but if you like to keep it under five pounds that’s still fine by us. Bottom line: form is key and Cindy’s on point! Go girl, go!




Let us know what your favorite part of the video is and if you’ve done it, tell us about it.

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