Why You Must Try an OrangeTheory Fitness Class This Week

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Author: Jackie Thomas

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If you’re looking for a workout that will challenge you, make you feel the burn days after your workout (curse you, squat reps) and torch calories while building muscle, you must try OrangeTheory Fitness.

After hearing about the class from my longtime, equally fitness obsessed sorority sister, I found the closest studio to me and signed us up for a free trial class!

*See locations of OrangeTheory Fitness here.


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What is OrangeTheory Fitness?

OrangeTheory is a 60-minute boutique style fitness studio that pushes your body through the treadmill, rowing machines, TRX suspension, and free weights all for that hailed Orange Effect.


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The actual “Orange Theory” is the heart rate zone that targets metabolism and increases energy. The more time in that zone, the more likely you’ll continue burning calories for the next 36 hours (hence the name).

OrangeTheory has different types of classes (power, endurance, strength, etc.) and they never, EVER use the same class twice. They accomplish this by having headquarters filter different workouts to all the studios daily. Once your workout is over, it’s trashed and you can expect a completely different one next time. Talk about making sure your body doesn’t plateau.

How was my OrangeTheory experience?

First things first, I had to sign a waiver with questions about my fitness level, fitness goals, age, height and weight. This seems a little nosy, but don’t fib when filling it out. It’s essential information to reading your heart rate during your workout since heart rate is dependent on age, gender, weight and height.

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Next, they hooked me up with a HR monitor rental and showing me how to wear it. If it’s your first couple of times, you can usually borrow one, but if you keep coming back you might want to invest in your own.


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The actual fitness room had treadmills lining the right wall, giant televisions above them, row machines lining the left wall and a cluster of weight training equipment in the back. And, yes, the orange tint in my photos are because the studio is THAT orange.

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Once the class begins the televisions will become your biggest enemy or biggest motivation. They will flash your heart rate percentage and push you to reach the hailed orange zone. Then at the end of the class, they will flash a summary of your workout and how much time you spent in the different zones. They also send your summary to your email so you can review at home too! Cool, right?

I don’t want to spoil the actual class too much, but let’s just say, I definitely felt the burn. I was a bit cautious my first time out, which is fine since OT has different levels. For example, there is the walker, jogger or runner paces on the treadmill. If you’re not ready to be a runner, don’t be. They tailor workouts to meet everyone’s needs.

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How much does it cost?

Pricing is usually where the ball drops. The “this is the workout I’ve been waiting for my entire life” feeling is ruined with $500/class pricing. To my surprise, this was not the case at OrangeTheory Fitness.

The gym has a lot of different financial options such as membership fees (by month or year), class pricing (10 classes for ‘X’ dollar amount) and you can go to any OrangeTheory Fitness studio that is convenient. Pricing fluctuates based on the studio, so just make sure to ask after your trial class about your options. Personally, I’m planning on purchasing 10 classes to incorporate into my cross training. It’s different, challenging and I’m a total sucker for the gadgety HR monitoring during my workout.

If you’re like me and love HR based workouts, want to try something new and challenging or you just want a free fitness class, swing by the closest OrangeTheory Fitness studio near you! (And don’t forget to take an embarrassing post-workout pic like we did!)

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