Good Fight Herbal CSA Opens

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If you’ve already fought one case of the sniffles, do yourself a favor by being proactive about your health starting now. A little birdie told us that Good Fight Herb Co. has opened it’s 2016 Herbal CSA and we can’t think of a better way to keep our immune system strong than by signing up for its 4 Season Package Program. Each season members will receive a parcel containing goodies like teas, salves, syrups, and even flower essence formulas. Items are hand made, organic, and sourced locally by Community Herbalist, Lauren Giambrone, founder of Good Fight Herb Co.



Members can look forward to receiving five medicinal products (including a daily tonic),  a booklet describing each products purpose and benefits, and a self care surprise. Products vary seasonally to support the natural changes and challenges our bodies face different times of the year. We love how many items are included in this program and its focus on establishing personal wellness rituals while also providing an induction to the world of herbalism. And may we say, it beats running to the CVS at 10p.m. to purchase over the counter cough medicine. Preventative medicine is where it’s at!

The program begins in May. Membership applications are due March 31st. Membership is $365. For more information, visit Good Fight Herb Co’s official website.








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