Winter is Coming: 5 Workouts that Embrace Fall

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Author: Jackie Thomas


As the days get shorter and colder, say goodbye to surfing your way to killer abs, swimming countless miles in the cool Atlantic and crack of dawn sunrise yoga on the beach. In the words of the (possibly) dead Jon Snow, “Winter is coming.”

Before you retreat to your treadmill, consider these five fun fall workouts. They’ll keep you out of the gym for a little longer while allowing you to take advantage of the season.

Hike or Trail Run


Photo Credit: National Park Service.

Photo Credit: National Park Service.

After you’re done Googling how to properly avoid a bear sighting (seriously, leave mama bear’s cubs alone), strap on your hiking boots or running shoes and take to the Delaware Water Gap trails! The changing leaves, buzz of nature and gorgeous backdrops will do wonders for your mind and body.

“City dwellers have a higher risk for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses than people living outside urban centers, studies show,” reported The New York Times. Hiking is the perfect way to give yourself the reboot you need by taking your exercise out of the hustle and bustle of the city.





The water may be reaching Polar Bear Plunge chill levels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get out on the water for a good workout! A study at the University of Wisconsin, showed that kayaking has positive physiological effects on the human body (and it’s just plain, old fun). Just remember, however far you paddle out, you have to paddle back home too!

Want the killer arm workout, but don’t have your own kayak? Black Hall Outfitters nestled in Connecticut has great affordable solo or group rates. And yes, they have an “Autumn Special” where you can rent one kayak and get the other free! Who doesn’t love free stuff?



Photo Credit: CITYROW

Photo Credit: CITYROW

Row, row, row your boat to toned arms and legs? Yes, please! Grab a group of friends and give your body a seriously killer workout rowing on the open river.

Okay, maybe convincing friends to go on a rowing expedition and finding a suitable outdoor rowing venue is easier said than done.  Check out CITYROW. The NYC-based class is an alternative to outdoor rowing that gives you the perfect cardio and strength workout for everyone from beginners to intermediate!

Hit the Beach



Post-Labor Day weekend is an incredible time at the Jersey shore. Tourists and summer home vacationers have cleared out and the shoreline is peaceful, empty and breathtaking. This is the perfect time to bike ride along the boardwalk sans dodging the dads carrying 5 beach chairs, 7 shovels and their wife’s beach bag. Better yet, bring your pup to play among the waves. With fewer people around, many beaches allow dogs on the beach this time of year!

Family Football

No, fantasy football does not count. This Thanksgiving, drag your family off the couch and throw around the ol’ leather ball. Bring some playful competition  and make sure you pick your cousin drafted to the NFL on your team (who cares if he’s second string, NFL is NFL).

If football isn’t your  thing, try a family softball game or make a team to run a Turkey trot. The goal is to get everyone moving before it’s time to stuff your face with a Thanksgiving feast!

As you enjoy the last few months weeks of fall, remember that fall is the perfect time to put down the Netflix (trust me, you’ll have plenty of snow days for binge watching the reunion episodes of Gilmore Girls) and explore nature before it’s turned into a frozen White Walkers wasteland- I mean, winter wonderland.

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