3 Reasons to Try Meditation

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Author: Alvina Adam




For some people, meditation feels like an alien concept or something for the new age set. But there are real health benefits to the act of sitting quietly, contemplating and letting go.  Even if you don’t have an hour to spare, meditating can be done anywhere you can steal a few moments for yourself. A mere ten minutes can help you recenter. And since it can be done alone or without additional tools, it’s a cost effective addition to your health arsenal. Check out our top three reasons for giving the practice a try today.


3.Encourages Emotional Well-Being

Whether you’re a student or part of the workforce, there are times when you’re overloaded.  Giving yourself time to collect your thoughts can help you feel less frayed around the edges. And according to an article by the Mayo Clinic, meditation can actually help you perform better, enhancing your awareness and clarity. This can only help you become more productive when you go back to your task.


2.Can Help Ease Physical Discomfort

Stress can exasperate current health problems and many find relief through meditation. One study found that those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) who practiced mindfulness meditation saw a reduction in symptoms after eight weeks of practice.  Experts believe that learning how to stay in the “present-moment” helps to stave off worries about the past or future, resulting in lower anxiety and quelling negative symptoms that would worsen with heightened stress levels.


1.Can Aid in Weight Loss

Meditation provides personal time, something many need when they’re embarking on making health and dietary changes. Because many of us are hard on ourselves when we stray from our diet, taking a few moments to tune into your feelings can help address areas of concern and help you find potential ways to achieve your goals.  Experts encourage practitioners to see themselves as a witness and not a judge, advocating for gentle reflection on how you can improve your efforts not an internal bashing session. This can lead to feeling more empowered and ready to move forward.




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