Surprise, Surprise: We’re Heavier Than Our Parents Were at Our Age

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Dear Millennials,

We’re in trouble. At least, according to a recent study published in Obesity Research & Clinical Practice.

An analysis of data collected between 1971 to 2008 from the National Health & Nutritional Survey shows that people are 10 percent heavier today than they were thirty years ago despite consuming the same amount of food.

Study co-author Jennifer Kuk, PhD, an associate professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at Canada’s York University says these findings are of interest because they contradict the widely accepted idea that exercise and eating right determines weight.

“These results are clearly in contrast with the common notion that weight management is simply about what you eat and how much you exercise,” she said in an interview with Yahoo Health.

So why are millennials heavier than baby boomers? Kuk has a few ideas, including that we’re eating later than our elders did, taking medications that alter our metabolism, and dealing with environmental pollutants that weren’t there thirty years ago.

We have our own ideas.

1.We’re Less Active

Blame it on long days spent at desk jobs or our reliance on cars but we’re moving less. According to a study released this year by Florida Atlantic University, 36 percent of American adults do not take part in leisure physical activity. We’re talking no strolls around the park. No biking to the post office. And that’s pretty bad because inactivity is linked to osteoporotic fractures, colon cancer, and coronary disease.


2. We’re Eating Too Much

In contrast to the survey’s findings, some researchers believe we are eating too much, especially of the wrong things. A article released in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that even those who are physically active may be at risk for chronic disease mainly due to the over intake of sugar and carbs.


While researchers and experts still may disagree on the cause of the populations rounder middles, all can agree that a balanced diet and staying active is a positive, regardless of size. If you’re look for a new place to sweat it out, check the listing of local gyms in our directory.



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