Snacking When Not Hungry May Lead to Weight Gain

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Some health gurus claim that including snacks to your daily menu can keep you slim but a new study says different. According to an article published in Eating Behaviors, eating too frequently, particularly when not physically hungry, can trigger weight gain.

The article comes from Dr. Stephanie Fay, in part of  her PhD performed at QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation. Fay says, “Excessive portion size and energy-dense foods are often blamed for weight gain but the frequency of eating is a significant contributor too. Some people are more inclined to be susceptible to reward gained from foods.”

To further understand the type of person who is likely to eat food when not hungry, researchers gave volunteers chocolate as a snack after they had already eaten their fill of a similar snack food. They found that those who accepted the chocolate were more likely to be impulsive and stimulated by food reward. Researchers also noted that those who took the extra food had higher BMI’s than those who passed on the treat.


Takeaway Tip:  Eating a healthy snack can keep binges at bay and stave off low blood sugar. But remember, you’re not obligated to eat when you’re not hungry. Whether grabbing a donut or a carrot, ask yourself, Do I really need this?

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