The Case for Seasonal Eating

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Eating seasonally is a term that gets thrown around but what really are the benefits? Here’s the 411:


More Nutritious

Food that is out of season has to be transported to local grocery stores. Sounds innocent enough but every day that a vegetable is out of ground is a day it’s losing nutrients. Seasonal picks tend to have less travel time meaning more nutrient potential. Eating seasonally also ensures that you will have a variety of foods and expose yourself to a plethora of vitamins and minerals from numerous sources.


Seasonal food takes less effort and resources to grow. Because seasonal eats tend to be in abundance sellers are extra motivated to mark items at desirable prices in order move it. It also requires little to no transport time, meaning a smaller price tag for you.  And of course, when you buy seasonal you’re often supporting your local farmers which boosts your community’s economy.

Environmentally Friendly

The less your food has to travel the smaller the carbon footprint. And here’s another fun fact: Many out of season eats have to be given wax coatings and chemical washes to maintain their shape and taste during transport. As you may already know, chemicals are not good for your body or the planet.

Full Flavor

Seasonal doesn’t only refer to harvest time but peak taste.  Similar to nutrient loss during transport, vegetables and fruits also lose flavor, so if you want to experience full yumminess try foods in their proper season.

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