Easy Overnight Oats

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Here’s a spring take on a favorite winter breakfast: Overnight oats! They’re simple, nutritious, and can be very versatile if you let your imagination go. For these recipes we used steel-cut oats (they’re whole and still contain oat bran), as well as old fashion.  But use what you have handy! If you’re putting this together in a bowl follow the oat directions below. If you’re using a mason jar allow oats to take up close to half the jar. Nut milk should cover the grains in both recipes but not overflow container.


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½ cup of oats
1 cup of nut milk
½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 dash of cinnamon


Place all ingredients into a container and gently mix. Refrigerate overnight. When oats are ready add some fixins and you’re good to go.

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Topping Ideas

1 small chopped banana + 3 Tbs of walnuts + 2 Tbs of raisins + honey to taste

5 chopped strawberries + 1 Tbs of chia seeds

1 Tbs of  peanut butter + 1 Tbs of favorite jam + 1 Tbs of flax seeds


What do you top your oatmeal with? Please let us know.


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