Brand To Know: Mullein & Sparrow

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Going natural is getting easier with more Eco-friendly and health conscious companies hitting the market. And many of them are small and local, meaning you no longer have to rely on big business beauty to give your skin some TLC.

One brand we have our eyes on (and you should too) is Mullein & Sparrow, based out of Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2012 by Anit Hora, Mullein & Sparrow offers luxury skin and hair products, 100 percent natural and organic. Hora, an herbalist and esthetician, learned about using the offerings of mother nature as a young girl, courtesy of  her grandmother. Here are some of our favorite products from her line:

Lemongrass Mint Body Oil; $18-$24

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow


With essential oils to boost circulation and vitamin E to repair skin damage, this light and sweet smelling oil is a must try. For best results, apply after a shower or bath which will lock in moisture.

Facial Serum; $48

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow


With collagen producing rosehip and immortelle to reduce the look of scars, this serum feels like a wonder non-drug for skin. We love that it also contains carrot seed essential oil which is a natural sun protectant. Works for all skin types.

Body Exfoliant; $20

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow


This scrub is invigorating! With orange and mint notes your skin will feel jolted awake after using. Finely ground Coffee Arabica helps to slough off dead skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite while coconut oil moisturizes and heals.


Hair Tonic:$42

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow

Photo Credit: Mullein & Sparrow


This lovely hair tonic contains nettles and horsetail. Horsetail is rich in potassium, manganese and selenium; three things believed to promote hair growth. Horsetail is also a source of silica, a mineral that plays a role in giving hair strength and shine. This hair tonic can also be used as a beard conditioner!


While many mainstream companies get away with slapping the word natural on their packages the goodies from Mullein & Sparrow are the real McCoy. Hora works with small organic family farms to harvest the essential oils used in her products and works with fair trade and sustainable supplies- even her packaging comes from recycled material! Everything is produced by hand in small batches. No artificial fragrances or colors are used and products contain no parabens, preservatives or synthetic materials making it an ideal choice for those with skin sensitivities.

Have you tried anything from Mullein & Sparrow? Let us know.


*Photos courtesy of Mullein & Sparrow

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