Sleeping Enough?

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Photo Credit: Ella Mullins

Photo Credit: Ella Mullins


Are you catching enough Zzz? An expert panel brought together by the National Sleep Foundation has new recommendations for how long you should be hitting your pillow for optimal health. How do you stack up?


Photo Credit:  Changes byThe Mighty Mite/ Original photo by Sean "In Transition" via Flickr

Photo Credit: Changes by The Mighty Mite/ Original photo by Sean “In Transition” via Flickr

Inadequate sleep has been linked to a myriad of problems such as impaired memory, lack of focus, high blood pressure, and even a lower sex drive.

Takeaway Tip: Find falling asleep difficult? Try powering down on electronics an hour before bed. Experts have noticed a correlation between insufficient rest and those who fiddled with laptops and cells till lights out.

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